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This year, Aalto has teamed up with The New, an online magazine that showcases the very best in design from around New Zealand. Together we're bringing you a series of styled editorial shoots and interior moods inspired by Aalto's range of colours.


When NZ’s Aalto Paint and I first discussed collaborating on a STYLED series, one scene I knew I wanted to create was a bedroom in deep green. I lovelovelove green for bedrooms – it’s a colour that’s both fresh and enlivening, but also calming and grounding, and can be styled in so many different ways to dial up the moodiness and sophistication, or enhance the peace-out vibes.

For this babely little bedroom set-up, I chose Aalto’s Green Bath. A deep green with so much presence, and one that reveals layers of depth and intensity as the light hits it. Aalto Paints are often the choice of NZ interior designers and architects (and people with a discerning eye – ahem, you and me) because they specialise in complex, multi-pigmented colours that use only the most premium grade paint and tinters. I’ve painted many a room over the years, and I’ve honestly not seen such depth and – how do I describe it – substance in a colour on a wall…

(Aalto have so many beautiful deep greens, I found it hard to choose! Other faves were Celtic – still a deep green, but with a khaki/olive vibe, or Kensington – which has a real heritage feel)

Alana Broadhead, The New


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