Aalto Treaty 1/2 sets the scene in this expressionist dining space

The Penthouse by Sarah Jayne Kavali

Sarah Jayne Kavali is a renowned NZ multi-disciplinary creative, artist and influencer.

The Penthouse is a collaboration between Aalto and Sarah, transforming a heritage canvas into a home, studio space and awe-inspired work of art.

“Colour is not for the faint of heart, but its ability to singularly and definitively create an experience makes it one of the most important and valuable tools in design. To me the idea of creating a cocoon of colour can elicit a multitude of emotions from relaxation to passion. Whether on a wall, furniture, part of a performance art piece, or splashed across a table cloth for a dinner event - colour is integral to every facet of the transformation of this space. Purposefully provocative, the furniture and art will be crafted consciously and specifically for the space, blending into the interior architecture in ways that ignite ones curiosity.” — Sarah Jayne Kavali

Sarah's colour selection



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