Sustainability statement

Quality and sustainability are integral values of our business, and Aalto are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products.

Environmental Statement

Our focus is to produce high quality, water-based paints that are the best possible performance with the lowest possible levels of odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All Aalto Paint products comply with local and global standards, and are classified as low-VOC.

It is our commitment to the environment that Aalto paints:

  • Are not manufactured with toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic

  • Do not contain formaldehyde

  • Are classified non-hazardous, or have the lowest hazard category for surface coatings under the NZ HSNO Act

  • Meet stringent requirements on VOC levels, and contain low VOC levels compared to other paints on the market

  • Have minimal levels of naturally occuring crystalline silica

  • Are sold in packaging that is able to be fully recycled

  • All water-based Aalto paint contain no added APEs (Alkyd Phenyl Ethoxolates)

Volatile Organic Compounds

In response to growing concerns around volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Aalto have been proactively pursuing measures to reduce the VOC content of our paint products. Through product innovation and continuous improvement based on new technologies, and a strong focus on waterbased formulas, we have created a range of environmentally friendly, premium paints which are low odour
and contain low levels of VOCs without compromising quality.

The Aalto color system additionally utilises low-VOC tinters, which allows us to offer an expansive range of paint and colours while maintaining a minimal VOC footprint.

So when using Aalto Paint, you can rest assured that any odors released during painting will quickly dissipate, maintaining optimal indoor air quality and allowing you to fully enjoy your newly painted space. And, you can feel confident that your health and the environment are being protected.


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