What are VOCs?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. They are chemicals which are released into the air as the paint dries, and can continue to be released for months after painting is complete. VOCs have traditionally been found in high levels in paint products, especially solvent based paints, and can be harmful to people and the environment.

Through product innovation and continuous improvement based on new technologies, and a strong focus on waterbased formulas, we have created a range of environmentally friendly, premium paints which are low odour and contain low levels of VOCs without compromising quality.

All Aalto Paint products comply with local and global standards, and are classified as low-VOC.

Are Aalto paint buckets recyclable?

Our paint packaging is made from either plastic or tinplate (steel which is coated in a thin layer of tin). And they're all recyclable!

For our plastic buckets, once empty simply allow any remaining paint inside to dry and you can pop these in your household recycling.

Tins can be recycled through local recycling centres - check with your local council for locations.


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