What does multi-pigmented actually mean?

Aalto colours are multi-pigmented - basically that means that we craft colour like an artist would, layering pigment by pigment until we reach our desired shade. While paint is traditionally tinted using up to 4 colourants per colour, Aalto use up to 10, creating colours with greater depth and complexity.

I can't find the colour I'm looking for

No problem! Aalto have a comprehensive database of colours, including archived colours and derivatives of our most popular shades.

If you can't quite find what you're looking for, contact us and we can help.

Why does the colour look different online to at home?

The colours you see on screen are digital representations. They are a fantastic starting point in your colour inspiration journey, but cannot acurately show the nuances of individual colours, how they look in different lights, and with different surroundings. Plus, all screens show colour differently.

We recommend ordering Aalto colour 'brushout' samples or testpots before making the final decision.

Is it best to get a testpot to test the colour, or is the brushout sample ok?

Both are fantastic resources for testing colour! Our brushouts are made using real Aalto paint, so they will accurately showcase the final colour results. They're a great way to start creating a colour scheme too - you can lay all the brushouts out together to see how they work as a palette.

Testpots are fantastic to use when you want to test exterior colours, or when you'll be painting textured surfaces. Textured surfaces will throw the light differently, and this way you'll get a great insight into how the final results will look.

I still can't decide on a colour - can you help!

Of course! If you need some assistance, or if you just want an expert opinion on your selections, contact us we're happy to help. Email us at hello@aalto.co.nz 

Do you have recommendations of which colours go well together?

We do - on each colour page you'll see a section showing similar and complementary colours. The complementary colours are a great starting point when creating your colour palette.

And if you need any more help, one of our colour experts would be happy to assist. Email us at hello@aalto.co.nz 

Do you have a colour expert I can talk to?

We do - if you're after advice on colour or simply want to talk through options, contact us and we will put you in touch with an Aalto Colour Expert

Do you match colours?

Really want to use Aalto but can’t find the right colour? The Aalto colour database holds thousands of colour formulations, and we can match almost all premium paint colours with accuracy in our premium paints.

Contact us to learn how to order

Can all Aalto colours be used on exteriors?

Yes! All Aalto colours can be used for interior and exterior painting projects.


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