Do your paints come with a guarantee?

Yes! Our range of Aalto Ultra Premium paints are backed by a 15 year guarantee as a mark of quality.

Do I need to use a primer?

Usually not. Our paints are self-priming with great opacity (coverage), however there are some instances where we do recommend the use of a primer – painting new surfaces; if you’re painting over old, solvent based enamels; if you are painting over a dark or bright colour; if your walls are stained or smoke-damaged.

If you're unsure, check the product data sheets for full application recommendations.

What is the paint selector tool?

We know it can be a bit overwhelming knowing what paint, and how much, to use where.

So we've created the Aalto Paint Selector, which after asking a few simple questions will tell you exactly what paint you need. 

Where is Aalto paint made?

All Aalto paint is proudly made right here in NZ.

Read our full story here 

Are Aalto paints safe for a nursery?

All Aalto Paint are low odour and low VOC formulations, meeting stringent NZ and global standards for air quality. This means they're safe to use in all rooms of your home, including nurseries and children’s rooms. 

How do I maintain my interior paint finish?

Maintain your interior paint finish by cleaning with a damp cloth and neutral detergent (such as diluted sugar soap). Sprat type cleaners that contain solvents may affect the surface appearance and the paints longevity.

  • Always test the cleaning method in an inconspicuous area to ensure it does not damage the paint finish
  • Do not vigorously scrub the surface, or use an abrasive cleaning product or tool - a micro fibre cloth works well

How do I maintain my exterior paint finish?

Maintain your exterior paint finish by washing every 12 months (after each winter is a great time) with a suitable exterior cleaner to remove dirt deposits. Dirt deposits left on the paint surface will encourage the growth of mould and affect the paints performance.

  • While cleaning, attend to any areas of flaking paint, rotten timber, moss, mould and lichen
  • Most exterior house cleaners and detergent have negative effects on marine life, so avoid run off into storm water drains


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