Waterbased Enamel Low Sheen

A durable and hardwearing finish for interior walls. 

  • Super durable and hardwearing finish
  • Washable and stain resistant 
  • Anti-mould formula, suitable for wet areas
  • Waterbased, low odour and low VOC


An ultra premium waterbased enamel in a low sheen finish (5% gloss) for interior walls and ceilings. Formulated to provide a beautiful matt appearance while delivering a completely washable finish with superior stain resistant properties.

  • Typical uses - interior living area walls such as lounge, dining, bedrooms, study areas
  • Ideal for: previously painted surfaces, new Gib®, plaster, bare timber, brick
  • Coverage: 10-12m2 per litre
  • Sheen level: Low sheen 5% gloss

Application guide

Aalto Ultra Premium Waterbased Enamel Low Sheen can be applied by synthetic brush, roller, or spray.

Airless spray – a 415 or 515 tip is recommended. When spraying, Aalto Ultra Premium Waterbased Enamel Low Sheen will need to be thinned to suit.
Rolling – a synthetic 6-8mm nap roller sleeve is recommended.

Because of the quick drying nature of Aalto Ultra Premium Waterbased Enamel Low Sheen, in hot conditions it may be necessary to thin up to 5% with hot weather thinners.

When rolling walls that are highlighted by natural lighting from large windows, you will need to ‘lay off’ with the roller in one direction after applying the paint. This should be done in one continuous operation from one end of the wall to the other without stopping. For large areas, two applicators may be required – one to lay on the paint, and one to ‘lay off’.

  1. Ensure surfaces are free from loose and flaking paint. Wash surfaces with a suitable cleaner such as sugar soap to remove any dirt, oils or grease. If any areas of mould are present, treat with a suitable mould remover.
  2. Fill any cracks or holes with a paintable filler. Allow to dry, and sand to a smooth finish.
  3. Spot prime any repair work with Aalto 3 in 1 Undercoat
  4. Stir paint thoroughly with a broad flat paddle, using an up and down scooping motion.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Aalto Ultra Premium Waterbased Enamel Low Sheen, allowing 2 hours between coats.

For more detailed application details, please refer to product data sheet.

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