A white exterior scheme can create a classic yet modern, fresh look

Create your dream spaces with colour

Selecting the right colours for your home's exterior can enhance its curb appeal, express your personal style, and create a welcoming first impression. If you're repainting or planning colours for a new build, it's important to consider various factors to ensure a cohesive and visually pleasing result.

Here are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect colour for all your exterior.

Colour can impact the way a space feels

Consider the architectural style

The architectural style of your home can provide a great basis when putting together your exterior colour scheme. Traditional homes often suit classic colour combinations (the Aalto Heritage Collection has some fantastic options), while modern or contemporary style homes can handle bolder, more vibrant tones. 

Take inspiration from the surroundings

Look to the natural surroundings of your home for inspiration. Consider the landscape, neighbouring homes, and any other natural elements that are prominent in your area. You can then either choose colours which blend harmoniously with the surroundings, or opt for contrasting colours to make a statement. The goal is to create a colour scheme that integrates well with the overall environment. 

Evaluate the fixed elements

Asses the fixed elements of your homes exterior, such as the roof, stonework, brickwork and joinery. These are often more permanent elements, and you should try and work with these elements when thinking about the overall palette. Choose colours that complement these elements to ensure a cohesive and balanced appearance. 

Think about the visual hierarchy

Consider the visual hierarchy of your homes exterior. The exterior colour scheme typically consists of 3 main components: the main colour, the secondary colour and the accent colour. The main colour is typically used for the majority of the house, while the secondary colour is applied to areas like doors, trim and scotias and baseboards. The accent colour adds a touch of detail to specific elements like windows and architectural features. Ensure that these colours work together harmoniously to create an appealing visual balance. 

Be practical

While aesthetics are an important part of creating your exterior colour scheme, don't forget about the practical considerations. Consider climate, maintenance requirements, and the longevity of the chosen colours. Dark colours can absorb more heat, while lighter colours reflect more light therefore absorbing less heat. Additionally, very light and very dark colours will show dirt faster and require more maintenance to keep looking their best.

Get inspired

Start your colour journey by referencing inspiration. This is a sure way to start honing in and identifying your personal style, and from there you can start creating mood boards and identifying colour palettes. View our inspiration gallery to get started.

Quick tips

Use Aalto testpots to see how different colours look and feel when used in different applications - colours can appear a lot different when painted on smooth weatherboards as opposed to textured brick!


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