Aalto Effect 1/4 is a beautiful soft flesh tone ~ image via Deadly Ponies

How to choose the perfect neutral

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘what is the best neutral for my home or space’. It can be tricky to decipher subtle shifts between these tones.

Our advice is always start by exploring the fandeck or a selection of brushouts, and identify what tones you are drawn to. From here, you can identify softer tones that work alongside these, and start creating a short list of colours.

We recommend you then try the colours in your space, and observe them as the light shifts throughout the day. You’ll notice how the different conditions can alter the perception of the colour.

But to get you started here are a couple of our favourites:

A range of Aalto neutrals; Aalto Soft Cream; Aalto Powdered Wig

Aalto Effect 1/4

A beautiful alternative to a traditional white, Effect ¼ is a soft flesh toned neutral with the slightest hint of pink. But don’t let the idea of pink put you off, these pigments are what create the sense of warmth and softness. Effect ¼ makes a brilliant canvas for showcasing artwork and sits nicely along timber features and furnishings.

Aalto Spatial

One of the most livable whites. There’s something about Spatial, it sits well as part of almost any scheme, a true chameleon we like to say. The combination of raw umber, yellow oxide amongst other pigments gives Spatial a restful and warm tactile nature. This is the type of colour you could use throughout an entire property, and it would look different in each room as the lighting (both natural and artificial) and furnishings change.

Aalto Soft Cream

Soft Cream. The name might bring up images of buttery creams of the past but Soft Cream is more reminiscent of the warm sun. A delicate neutral infused with subtle pigments to give it warmth and a luxurious creamy feel. It works well in both light drenched and darker spaces, bringing a soothing and a gentle coziness.

Aalto White Space

A classic clean, bright white. What we particularly love about White Space is it doesn’t have the reflective quality you often find in traditional whites, instead there’s a muted softness making it ideal for ceilings and trims. It’s also a nice alternative to Aalto Gallery White, if you are after that crisp gallery look in a residential space.

Aalto Powdered Wig

We couldn’t suggest neutrals without mentioning Powdered Wig, hands down Aalto’s most requested colour. Its popularity due to the versatility and ability to comfortably sit across multiple architectural styles. Its chalk-like texture creates the feeling of depth, with umber pigments ensuring this is not your typical flat white. We’ve seen Powdered Wig used on all surfaces both exterior and interior, from walls to custom kitchen cabinetry. An excellent choice for a classic and highly livable colour.

Ready to explore neutrals? Order your A5 brushouts online or collect in store. If you’re still uncertain don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our colour specialists on design@aalto.co.nz


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