Aalto x The New: Styled - Detach

Aalto X The New Detach 2

Grey is the cooler, more worldly sister of white. The went-and-lived-by-herself-in-Italy-for-a-year-when-she-was-only-19-sister of white. It’s a neutral, yes, but a more interesting, more chic neutral. The creamy, dreamy grey I chose here is Aalto Paint Detach. This one’s the perfect mid-grey if you ask me – it contrasts beautifully with light colours or dark colours, works in traditional or modern looks, and just elevates a room. It has just the right amount of pigment – saturated enough to feel sophisticated, soft enough to be light and airy.

Being such a popular tone, Detach also comes in a couple of other ‘strengths’ – Detach 1/2 (super clean, soft) and Detach 3/4.

I love grey in a bathroom because it brings such a classic elegance, but I’d also happily use a mid-grey in a contemporary laundry (laundries are the new kitchens bb), or a bedroom that’s a grown-up sanctuary. Ooh, and a hallway with lots of art – art really pops off a grey wall. Yes, I said pops.

Alana Broadhead, The New.nz

Aalto X The New Detach 1

Other products used and loved:

Black Fold Ledge by Made of Tomorrow – perfect minimalist shelving

Sunday Mirror, Sunday Bench in Black, Milan Organic Cotton Face Cloth, Hand Towel and Bath Towel by Ottoloom by Sunday Homestore

Mavis & Osborn Laundry Basket – Black Linen

Ms Brown Hand Wash and Hand Cream in Jasmine, from Father Rabbit

Loobylou Classic White candle (Tuberose & Champa Flower), Meraki Hand Cream in Silky Mist from Indie Home Collective

(If you love a monochrome look, Indie Home Collective is your go-to!)

Concept & styling by Alana ~ The New
Photography by Rachel ~ Swift & Click