Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I chose between wallpaper and paint?+

You absolutely don't have to chose one or the other - wallpaper and paint work well together in most rooms. And with the large range of Aalto colours available, no matter what wallpaper you chose there will be a colour available to complement it.

Where can I buy wallpaper?+

We've made it easier than ever - you can purchase wallpaper instore at Aalto Paint, or from our online store. 

Are feature walls still on trend?+

Feature walls will always be a great way to add a focal point in a room. Consider using a bold wallpaper to "frame" a feature in a room such as a fireplace, or to make an impact in an entry way. The possibilities are endless!

Can I wallpaper the room myself?+

Absolutely! By reading the instructions and prepping the walls correctly, hanging wallpaper can be just as easy as painting a wall. Paste the Wall technology makes it even easier, simply "paste the wall" then hang the paper - no need for soaking or pasting the paper.

What are some of the benefits of wallpaper?+

Colour, design and texture - venture beyond adding only colour to your room. Wallpaper can add another dimension to your interiors and using pattern or textured wallcoverings can add warmth and luxury.

It's a one coat process - no need for a second coat! Plus, you can move back into your newly decorated room the same day.

Easy care and durability - most wallpapers are very durable, lightfast and easily washable.

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