Our Guarantee

Aalto House 13

Aalto Paint is manufactured by Decora Group Ltd, a privately owned paint and coatings manufacturer based in Auckland. Decora Group have been manufacturing paint for over 30 years and specialise in producing paint and colour systems that provide long lasting protection for interior and exterior surfaces. This is achieved through innovative formulations using the latest technology and the highest quality raw materials.

Aalto Ultra Premium
15 Year Guarantee

Decora Group guarantee that Aalto Ultra Premium Interior and Waterbased Enamel products will provide a serviceable finish for 15 years; and Aalto Ultra Premium Exterior* products will not blister, peel or flake for 15 years.

Aalto Trade
10 Year Guarantee

Decora Group guarantees that Aalto Trade Interior and Undercoat products will provide a serviceable finish for 10 years; and Aalto Trade Exterior products will not blister, peel or flake for 10 years.

If Aalto products do not perform to these guarantees, Decora Group will provide paint free of charge to rectify the affected area/s.

Guarantees apply as long as products are applied on properly prepared surfaces, as per label and technical data sheet instructions.
These guarantees do not cover paint failure caused by any breakdown of previous coatings or substrates, or from mechanical damage.

*Aalto Exterior Solid Colour Low Sheen is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

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