Paint Sheen Levels


There are a variety of sheen levels available in different paints, and while often the choice comes down to personal preference, there are some applications that suit different sheen levels.

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Gloss - A gloss finish (80% gloss) provides a highly reflective surface that are easy to clean due to their smooth surface. A gloss surface will give a more intense colour payoff, however they also highlight surface irregularities.

Semi Gloss - A semi gloss finish (30-45% gloss) will provide a durable and easy clean finish with a slightly glossy finish. Semi gloss paints such as Aalto WB Waterbased Enamel Semi Gloss and SB Enamel Semi Gloss are popular on doors, skirting boards and windowsills.

Satin - Satin (20-30% gloss) has become popular for exteriors and roofs. They are less glossy than a semi gloss finish, but provide more stain resistance and washability than a low sheen or flat finish.

Low Sheen - A low sheen finish (5-20% gloss) is the most popular finish for interior walls. It is low enough in gloss level to hide minor imperfections while still retaining washability.

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