Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I select my colour?+

We recommend using our A5 colour samples in-situ to ensure you are happy with your colour choice.
These samples (called brushouts) are made using real Aalto paint, "brushed out" onto A5 card. You can order these online for free, and test the colour by positioning them in different areas of your home in different lights.

You can also order testpots for all Aalto colours.

How do I order paint online?+

It's never been easier to purchase Aalto Paint.

  1. Start by choosing your colour - browse our palettes here
  2. Choose from the drop down menu which paint and finish you want
  3. Choose your quantity
  4. Add to cart - it's that simple!

What does multi-pigmented mean?+

Aalto create colours using up to 10 colourants to create a single colour, allowing for the full interplay of light and pigment within the colour. As the light changes throughout the day, so will your Aalto colour.

Light is made up of numerous waves or impulses, each having different dimensions or wavelengths; the eyes and brain translate light into colour. Each hue has its own properties that form its wavelength, from violet with the shortest wavelength, through the colour spectrum to the reds which have the longest. The more pigmented your paint is, the more wavelengths are created and therefore the greater the perception of depth.

Aalto colours are unable to be matched. Attempts to duplicate Aalto colours by eye or electronic means may give the illusion of a match, but on the walls the resulting colour will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of a true Aalto colour.

I can't find the colour I want online. What are my options?+

Over the years Aalto have created thousands of colours - many more than the 360 in our current range. If you are unable to find a specific colour in our current range, it may be a historical colour.

Aalto historical colours are still available for purchase - simply email or visit your nearest store to order. We recommend purchasing a testpot of colour before purchasing your paint as due to improved paints and tinters, the colour may have shifted over the years. Unfortunately we are unable to provide brushout colour samples for any historical colours.

We can also colour match other colours in store, and create bespoke paint colours - just bring in a sample of what you're after, or chat to one of our staff to discuss your requirements.

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