Feature: Willow Park

Willow Park First Light Half 1

This truly stunning property by Nadia Sakey features a glorious use of colour, creating light and depth in all the right places.

Willow Park Sea Foam Mao First Light Half 2

"We all love a good rescue project, and for one wonderful client this tired and neglected property reached out and tugged at the heart strings and I have to admit, she had me at hello. There she was, whispering her secrets in my ear revealing the truth of what was within. A strong, healthy family home made out of solid in-situ concrete, with high ceilings and large ornate timber-framed joinery. The light and space was spectacular, and I knew instantly what she wanted me to do. As a house doctor this is the sort of Cinderella story I love, and I was so privileged to have been engaged to lead the transformation of this special property."

Nadia Sakey, The House Doctor at One Nine Design

Willow Park Sea Foam Mao First Light Half 1
Willow Park Humming Half 1
Willow Park Sparse Half 1
Willow Park Sparse Half 2
Willow Park Fable 2

Featured colours: First Light Half (entranceway), Mao and First Light Half (kitchen/dining), Humming Half (bedroom), Sparse Half (living room) and Fable (bedroom)