Feature: Paunui Street

Paunui Street 6

This beautiful, spacious home provided Lesley of Lesley Bros Interiors with a blank canvas opportunity when her clients contacted her to bring colour and vibrancy to their living space.

After conversations and creative thinking Lesley was able to present them with a colour palette, which while out of the box, provided the clients with the sense of awe and the desire to take a risk and approve immediately. She took inspiration from colour palettes on their Pinterest board as a starting point and provided an alternative more muted scheme from the vibrant oranges and blues which were being considered.

The desire of the clients was to create zones within the large space with harmonious but clearly defined areas that could be used independently whilst still being interlinked. Lesley has created a beautiful, moody yet relaxed scheme which provides the perfect backdrop for the eclectic art pieces that adorn the walls.

Paunui Street 5
Paunui Street 1

Featured colours

Kitchen - Aalto Pension
Living area - Aalto Maddox (deep navy) and Aalto Powdered Wig (white)
Entry - Aalto Uku

Paunui Street 2
Paunui Street 7
Paunui Street 8