Aalto Partner Series: Nadia Sakey

Nadia sakey website

Nadia Sakey is the house doctor and talented designer at One Nine Design. Her pragmatic approach to interior design is underpinned with strategic efficiencies that ensure each unique statement delivers a return on investment and timeless appeal.

Nadia specialises in creating elegant and timeless designs. She doesn’t follow trends, and instead is inspired by culture, art, landscape and incredible people. Her earliest inspirations came from the great masters of Renaissance art, and Greek and Roman architecture.

While finding it near impossible to choose a favourite colour, Nadia loves Mao, a deep navy, and First Light Half, a soft hue that changes from a calm grey to an ethereal blue during the day. Nadia recently used both Mao and First Light Half to create contrast and depth between spaces and showcase artworks.

"What I love about Aalto paint is the chalky depth of colour that can only be produced using a multitude of pigments. I love how it responds to the changing light, it seems to absorb its surrounding elements of colour and changes creating a mood that simply cannot be achieved with RGB based paints." - Nadia Sakey