Aalto Partner Series: Material Creative

Aalto Website Material

Liv and Toni from Material Creative are interior designers with a strong architectural sensibility, making them a perfect match for a collaboration with Aalto. Focused on creating unexpected design to bring people together and demand attention, they aren’t afraid to use colour to build vibrant, unique spaces. Not only do Liv and Toni enjoy Aalto’s range, but they are champions of the brand. They’ve even painted their meeting rooms in Aalto hues.

We met with Liv and Toni to discuss how working with Aalto benefits them, and they highlighted the personalised service they receive on every project. We identified some useful tools to help them realise their vision, from initial design to the final touches.

Aalto is very happy to be working with Liv and Toni on an upcoming hospitality project in 2019. They have chosen to pair two beautiful multi-pigmented paints, Fiction and Green Bath, and we can’t wait to see the outcome.

“Aalto will mix your paint for you and deliver it straight to site. It’s a fantastic point of difference.” — Toni Brandso