Aalto Partner Series: Lauren Hare

Aalto X Laren Hare

Auckland based designer Lauren Hare from Hare Interiors is at the top of her game, designing solutions for local and international clients across many different fields. Her practice is known for its intimate detailing; it is this ethos along with her already established relationship with Aalto that led us to collaborate with Lauren and her team on an upcoming commercial project, using Aalto’s beautiful colour Corten.

We ran a workshop with Lauren to identify what she believed set Aalto apart from its competitors and to establish how we could help her achieve new initiatives with colour. Aalto’s New Zealand owned and operated story of supplying high end, multi-pigment bespoke product to the architectural and design markets also resonated with Lauren and her desire to prescribe elegant spaces where paint and surface finishes were a key part of achieving richness and depth.

Aalto is very excited to be working with Lauren, and looks forward to seeing how she will use our colour Ballet Shoes, potentially partnered with Corten.

“I’m really into partnering the warmer neutral tones with a moment of bold colour to align with an interior concept.” — Lauren Hare