Aalto Partner Series: Amelia Holmes

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Amelia's beautiful commercial and residential interior design work for elite New Zealand business and private residential clients was what inspired Aalto to reach out and invite her to collaborate. An exceptional upcoming project has been chosen where we can showcase our knowledge of paint and interior finishes, and partner that with Amelia’s interior design solution. She has chosen to use our colour Overlap.

Upon meeting with Amelia, we quickly identified how her process of choosing colour was closely integrated with her trade suppliers. Our Aalto design team learnt first hand how selecting, mixing and creating unique colour profiles work for her when speccing solutions for a project. The outcome for Aalto was to create a set of tools Amelia could use to help bridge the gaps between selecting colours for her clients, helping her partners and suppliers get that paint from the lab, and then bringing it to life on the walls of her project.

Amelia enjoys the multi pigment makeup of Aalto paints formulas, and has chosen to use our colour Overlap and partner this with an architectural detail in Detatch 3/4 for her upcoming historic building project. Aalto look forward to sharing updates along the way.

"It's fantastic to see Aalto actively developing its product and industry contacts.” – Amelia Holmes