Aalto Paint: Our flagship range is the industry leader in the creation and production of beautiful, multi-pigmented paints.

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Experts in colour:

Our range of ultra-premium paints use innovative formulations and the highest quality raw materials available to fulfil the needs of those with a discerning eye for colour and quality.

We craft colour like an artist would, using up to 10 colourants to create the perfect shade. This allows the full interplay of light and pigment within our 360 colours, giving more depth and complexity. As the light changes throughout the day, so will your Aalto Paint colour.

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360 colours. 1 fandeck.

The Aalto Paint fandeck is a beautiful showcase of our Master Palette.

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Aalto Paint colours are unable to be matched. Attempts to duplicate Aalto colours by eye or electronic means give the illusion of a match, but on the walls the resulting colour will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of a true Aalto colour.