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Aalto specialise in the creation and production of beautiful, multi-pigmented colours using only the highest grade paint and colourants. Our unique colour system has been designed to fulfil the needs of interior designers, architects and individuals with a discerning eye for colour.

Aalto colours are multi-pigmented, using up to 11 colourants to create a single colour, allowing for the full interplay of light and pigment within the colour. As the light changes throughout the day, so will your Aalto colour.

Aalto colours are unable to be matched. Attempts to duplicate Aalto colours by eye or electronic means may give the illusion of a match, but on the walls the resulting colour will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of a true Aalto colour.


Aalto Paint is manufactured by Decora Group Ltd, a privately owned coatings manufacturer based in Auckland. Decora Group specialise in producing colour and paint systems that provide guaranteed long lasting solutions for both interior and exterior surfaces. This is achieved through innovative formulations using the latest technology and highest quality raw materials available.

The Aalto Paint range provides premium and trade quality decorative paints for all your interior and exterior decorating requirements.

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