2018 Colour Forecast: Green with Envy


They say green is the new black....

OK, while we don't necessarily agree with that (it's a big statement to make, and we are after all a nation that is known to love black, whether it's clothing or interiors), but we do think that green is having a moment and we're here for it.

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017 was a zesty yellow-green (see more here), and it's hanging around for 2018 - this time with a more natural and wearable feel.

And we love these Aalto greens - tropical shades with golden undertones which are lush and bold, and the perfect complement to the warmer neutrals coming through this season.

Green is also a colour which works beautifully layered - pair your chosen green with different strengths of the same colour for a harmonious palette, or contrasting shades for a striking look.

Pictured colours are Celtic, Culmination and Tax Evasion.
Complementary neutrals are Reptilian, Matrix and Matrix Half.

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